Why Labour must speak up for peace

Internationalist meeting
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A Message from Jess Barnard, Young Labour Chair

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As the world’s eyes hope for de-escalation around the Ukrainian crisis, 1000s of Young Labour & Party members have expressed their dismay at the Party leadership “stoking up tension, macho posturing & trying to ‘out do’ the Tories on hawkish foreign policy” (read the full YL statement here.)

At this vital time, we need to support the work of Stop the War & CND, plus campaign within Labour for it to be a party of peace. 

To this end, please join myself, Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burgon, Sophie Bolt (CND) and Murad Qureshi (Stop the War) to discuss Why Labour Must Speak Up For Peace on March 5 at the Making Another World Possible: an internationalist agenda for the Left & Labour event (1-4.30pm), which will also feature sessions on The Global Struggle for Climate & Vaccine Justice Women for peace, global justice & socialism.

Labour Party Conference passed policies that show a clear alternative of how we can build a world of international justice, equality & peace. But too often the Party leadership is not offering this alternative to the Tories’ reactionary foreign policy agenda. March 5 will be a key point to organise for an international agenda for justice, equality – & hear from voices from around the world fighting for a better future. Be there!

Yours in solidarity,
Jess Barnard, Young Labour Chair, on behalf of Arise.