Corbyn suspension – “Unite must stay in the fight to win it”

Corbyn at Momentum rally
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At around 1pm on Thursday afternoon after a measured and considered response to the EHRC report, Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labour Party. Antisemitism is wrong and should be contested in all forms however, however it is clear that the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and the removal of the Labour whip was an act of political interference. One which may only serves to cause more pain to our Jewish comrades by further turning their pain into a political football for factional gain.

We all know Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party inspired over half a million people to join the Labour Party to fight for socialism. He provided a route to transforming the country and the lives of working people, he made it acceptable to reject austerity and neoliberalism allowing us all to dare to dream of a different society.

This incompetent Tory government stands exposed as incompetent and uncaring in  its shambolic response to the covid crisis, and people are realising that Johnson is a fraud.

The way they have cynically turned the TfL financing situation in London into a crude attempt to undermine London’s Labour Mayor is disgraceful, as is their bullying of northern Labour leaders such as Andy Burnham.  Both are examples of an authoritarian, centralising government trying to shift the blame and exploit this crisis for narrow political advantage.

Less than one year into the new leadership of the Labour Party and that vision of hope feels very different from what it once was.

The Labour Party is however still the only show in town, and very much still worth fighting for. Starmer’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn is a transparent attack on the Left, we as Unite and Labour members must fight it, or everything Corbyn stood for will rapidly vanish. Our Unite GS Len McCluskey is right to highlight the possibility of this decision creating chaos in our party and calling on Kier Starmer to seek a unifying way forward.

The Labour Party remains the only vehicle to achieving socialism in our lifetime, and today more than ever we musn’t turn our backs one by one, peeling off from the movement.

We must stay and fight collectively like our trade union movement has shown us how to do. Our membership cards are our leverage, if you cut them up and walk away you’ve handed over your negotiating tools. Unite must remain in the fight to win the fight.

Sasha das Gupta
Member of Unite the Union and Momentum