Unite London & Eastern region condemns Millwall fans disgusting behaviour

Taking the knee at Millwall
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The L&E Region of Unite condemns the disgusting behaviour of those fans at Millwall who booed the players of both teams ‘taking a knee’ before the match on Saturday.

We recognise and applaud the club’s robust anti-racist activity within the community in recent years, but we call on Millwall to go further than expressing disappointment and dismay at such behaviour.

Millwall and all clubs need to re-double their efforts to place anti-racism at the heart of football in the UK. Zero tolerance must be accompanied by taking the argument for Unity over Division into football grounds, schools and workplaces.

The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on people from black and ethnic minority communities and the vicious racist actions of police officers in the USA, brought millions of people together across the globe to demand racial equality and justice.

This cannot be de-railed by a racist minority or by the avoidance tactics of politicians and others in position of influence. Racism and racists must be confronted at all times – and the Trade Union movement will rise to this challenge.

See tweets by Steve Turner Unite AGS re Millwall fans behaviour