Support Heathrow workers following their second strike day – more action planned for 17 & 18 December

Striking Heathrow transport worker
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Workers at Heathrow Airport stepped up their industrial action on 14 December in their dispute over massive wage cuts that Heathrow Airport Ltd is forcing on them using a despicable “fire and rehire” policy.

The workers staged a huge car convoy of protest, while also maintaining socially distanced picket lines around Heathrow.

Speakers at the protest included several local MPs, including John McDonnell MP and James Murray MP, as well as local councillors and representatives of the striking workers. The workers will remain in their cars throughout the protest to avoid the risk of spreading Covid-19.

Unite held three strictly socially distanced picket lines during the strike.

Unite London & Eastern regional chair Jim Kelly brings solidarity to Heathrow strikers at their 14 December rally

Heathrow strikers plan two more days of industrial action on 17 and 18 December.


Your support matters to us – please take a minute to record a video message of solidarity with colleagues or on your own. Send your recorded message VIA WHATSAPP to London and Eastern’s digital assistant Janis on 07904 057 360. We’ll share them on the strike days.

Tips for recording video messages on your phone.

Keep it short and concise.
Use landscape orientation not portrait
Support/rest camera on something so it does not shake
Look up and into the camera. Speak clearly. (Try not to have the camera looking up your nose).
Practice what you want to say. Don’t read from a script, as this often means you’re looking down or to the side.
Think about your setting, what’s behind you or possibly sticking out of the top of your head.
Thinking about your lighting: don’t have bright light behind you
Breathe and relax.

We really appreciate your support,

Thank you,

Heathrow reps