Our United Left conference “Winning the future by setting the left agenda”

Winning the future by setting the left agenda

Audience at United Left conference on 28 September
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United Left London and Eastern Region held a very successful conference at the end of September titled: Winning the Future – by setting the left agenda. See above the audience at the packed conference.

We discussed many areas in which we need new ideas and new solutions. There may be many more.

Both politically and industrially we need to ensure the Left maintains its dominant position in Unite, a strong left union is vital to ensure the election of a radical socialist Labour government and maintaining the living standards and wellbeing of our members, as well as being a natural pole of attraction for workers seeking to organise and to win.

How do we mainstream and integrate organising within our industrial work? How do we strengthen and develop the excellent work carried out by our Organising and Leverage Department?

How do we service members in the ever-expanding number of small and unorganised workplaces?

Should we align a real industrial strategy with our three year lay member electoral cycle?

How do we update and make more responsive our communications and our internal processes?

Is our training and development programme (for lay reps and Officers) fit for purpose in this changing world? 

Does the changing workplace environment (shrinkage of the big factories, growth of smaller employers and gig economy) expose the limitations of continuing to rely on the ‘Fighting Back’ model. 

The UL needs to be at the forefront of the above debate