Once in a generation election – and we must campaign for a Labour victory

For the many, not the few
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Thousands of enthusiastic Labour party members determined to defeat austerity, climate change and reinstate stolen rights for working people are turning out to campaign for the Corbyn-led Labour party in the 12 December election.

The media and politicians from rival parties are colluding to say that a change is needed, but sadly they cannot support Corbyn as Prime Minister. This is because their world view is completely the opposite of those (primarily in the trade unions) who have fought for the democratisation of the Labour party, for the voice of tens of thousands of ordinary members to be heard. They think that parties are run by a single powerful individual, and the only force that matters is his or her individual will. But Corbyn is not an individual – he manifests the highest collective identity that we stand for as trades unionists. He is the embodiment of the democratic decisions of a party which is deeply influenced by the trade union movement, and thus by literally millions of ordinary people across the UK. 

That is what the many thousands of Labour party and trade union members turning out to ensure a Labour victory understand, and that is why they are campaigning in a totally different way to supporters of other parties. They are fighting for the many, not the few.

Labour is of course also the only party looking to bring together the two sides of the country so profoundly split by Brexit.  All the other political parties are campaigning to worsen that divide, by campaigning for a one-sided leave or remain vote which shows contempt for one or the other half of the electorate. We all know that the force which profit from such a division in times of the kind of economic downturn we are facing is the far right.

So – let’s get out there and campaign with all the strength and collective organisation we can muster for a democratic collectively controlled Labour victory!!