Upcoming United Left hustings for our Unite General Secretary candidate

Unite marches on May Day
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As previously announced, the United Left (UL) is proud to be holding a hustings to select its candidate for General Secretary in next year’s election on 18 July. 

Nominations from candidates wishing to stand opened on 29 June and closed at midday today, 3 July.  

Our general secretary, Len McCluskey has been fully involved in this process and has supported the holding of the hustings, along with the timetable agreed. 

At the close of nominations today two applications have been received in the names of Howard Beckett and Steve Turner.  

The online hustings will now take place as planned and an online secure vote will operate for a period of four hours immediately after the close of the meeting. 

The hustings and vote are open to all United Left members in compliance with the decisions of the United Left NCC ( National Coordinating Committee).

The United Left NCC has been fully involved at all stages of the process. The NCC represents lay activists from all 10 nations and regions of the union and has delegates from Unite’s Executive Committee and other sections of the left in the union.

The next two weeks will see the full involvement of our membership in a democratic process to choose our candidate. This will be neither an anointment or self-selection process but one that provides for a level of democratic scrutiny, accountability and endorsement by the unions’ leading left activists that no other candidate will be subjected to.  We are very proud that this is the case in our progressive left union. 

Unite is facing enormous challenges stemming from the Covid-19 crisis, an attack on jobs and long-fought-for terms and conditions, and the irresponsible behaviour of this Tory government. 

The UL is fully behind our collective leadership and Len McCluskey as our General Secretary and are very proud to represent the majority on our union’s lay-member-elected Executive Council. 

Through this process the UL will build a positive left vision for our union to address the challenges we face, strengthening our lay-led membership input while working with our Executive and General Secretary. There is a need within our trade union movement to reenergise and rebuild our activist base and we are determined to lead the movement in meeting this challenge.

Jim Kelly Chair UL
Joanne Harris Joint Vice Chair
Richard Crease Joint Vice Chair
Dave Allan Secretary UL

For more information contact Jim Kelly, UL Chair