Unite will defend jobs and pay as government underfunding impacts 16 London bus routes

Bus Number 4 under threat
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Unite, representing 20,000 London bus workers, has hit out at Transport for London (TfL) plans to cut London bus routes, announced on Wednesday 1 June.  

Under TfL’s plans, which are now open to public consultation, inner London bus services will be cut by at least four per cent, including around 16 routes. 

Unite fears that the jobs of bus workers, including engineers, cleaning and catering staff, will be put at risk. 

The reduction in routes is also set to hit drivers’ earnings. Many drivers currently rely on overtime and rest day working to top up their pay.

TfL claims that the service cuts are focused on routes which mirror rail or tube lines and where demand has decreased since the pandemic occurred and have not yet recovered.

However, Unite warns that failure by the Department for Transport to agree further funding requested by TfL will lead to further plans to cut services on top of those already under consultation.

Sign the petition set up by a London bus driver