Unite Executive Council by-election for the Passenger Transport seat – vote Natalie Osbourne

Natalie Osborne
Natalie Osborne
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Vote for Natalie Osbourne – supported by United Left/Members First

Download and print off leaflets from here


I have a long history of fighting for bus workers’ rights in my own company in Norwich.
The Eastern region needs a stronger voice in our union, and I intend to ensure passenger members will be put first if elected. If elected to our Executive Council I will represent the views of all our passenger members but will be especially proud to be voicing the concerns and aspirations of bus workers from Peterborough & Cambridge to Colchester, and Luton to Chelmsford.
I hope you will consider voting for me – a strong voice from the East of our region –

But please do make sure you use your vote when the EC ballot papers arrive from
20 November.


I’ve been a bus driver for FirstBus for 20 years, 19 of which I have been an activist. I have held many positions within my Branch, including Branch Secretary, Health and Safety, Driver rep and Equality officer. I sit on the National Committee for FirstBus, and I’m the elected representative to my RISC and National Passenger Committee. Being involved in disputes with our company, I have stood proudly on our picket lines, standing up for our rights.