St Mungos ready for strike

St Mungos votes for strike
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 Workers at the homelessness charity St Mungo’s are gearing up for three days of strike action from March 16 to 18 inclusive after last ditch talks at ACAS failed to reach an acceptable resolution. Details of picket lines will follow. Members are determined to win the dispute and will schedule further strike days if management do not concede. 

“I’m striking to protect my colleagues who are on low wages, to protect the standard of services, and to tell management to back off!” 

Unite represents over 500 members at the homeless charity. One of the issues in dispute is the decision by St Mungo’s senior management of pulling the rug out from under workers, when it tore up the junior staffing cap agreement, in a bid to bring in a cheaper workforce in May 2019. 

Download letter appealing for strike funds.