Saving jobs with the ‘Job Support Scheme’

Coronavirus Job Support Scheme
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From Unite AGS Steve Turner

Following the announcement that the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) is going to be replaced with a new Job Support Scheme (JSS) from 1st November, we’ve done some analysis that we hope will be useful to our officers and shop stewards in getting a better understanding of the scheme and how we can use it to save as many jobs as possible during consultations with employers, particularly in the event of any discussions on compulsory redundancies.

fi The scheme lasts for six months to 30th April 2021 and is designed to provide job and wage support to those who can return to at least a third of their normal working time. It seeks to protect jobs from redundancy and employers will be prohibited from placing workers under JSS protection on notice or making them redundant. The scheme is open to all employees – whether previously furloughed or not – so long as they were employed prior to 23rd September 2020. Large companies must be able to demonstrate a loss of turnover due to COVID-19 to qualify.

Download the full document with all the information here