Once again, Serb nationalism threatens Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnian peace demonstrations
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Bosnia-Herzegovina was divided by western imperialist nations through the Dayton agreement, imposed after Serbian nationalists fought a horrific genocidal war against Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The barbaric methods used included ethnic-cleansing, concentration camps, rape camps in which women were systematically and horribly abused, and the Srebrenica massacre of 8000 Bosnian men and boys.

The Dayton agreement of 1995 at the end of the war rewarded the Serbian nationalists by gifting them control over more than half of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s territory (Republika Srpska). It imposed structures whose control had to be rotated through the three “ethnicities” (Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian), thus reinforcing the divisions opened up in the war.

Today Milorad Dodik the nationalist Serb leader of Republika Srpska is once more taking advantage of the position he holds under the the Dayton agreement to threaten the integrity of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He has threatened to pull out of Bosnia’s multiethnic armed forces and form his own, exclusively Serb army. He also wants out of the state’s tax agency, its intelligence service and its judiciary, vowing to accelerate what he calls the “peaceful dissolution” of the Bosnian state.

The Bosnian community in Britain is calling for demonstrations in favour of peace in five cities across the UK on Monday 10 January at 11 am.

See the image above for the locations of the demonstrations.

Please show solidarity with the Bosnian community (most of whom were refugees from the concentration camps) by attending if you can.