Majority for United Left candidates in Unite EC elections – members first!

Unite members at Mayday rally 2023
Unite members at Mayday rally 2023
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The recent Unite EC results show a majority for the United Left slate standing on a Members First platform. Since the result a number of independent candidates have approached us to explore ways of working together to ensure our members have a strong accountable rank & file voice on the new Executive.

The United Left would like to thank all the candidates who participated in the election. Unfortunately, in a similar way to the last General Secretary election, the percentage of members voting continues to stay static or to decline. This should be a concern for all lay activists.  
There are many challenges, political and industrial, facing our union, Unite must rebuild its strong left leadership position in the trade union movement.

The United Left will work to create a positive Executive focused on putting Unite members first, as well as continuing building a strong presence in all the structures of our union.