Irish History – the “Treaty” and the partition of Ireland

Jim Larkin
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Saturday 4 December 2021, 1-3pm

Meeting organised by LESE Race Relations Committee  

Please register: / 020 7467 1220     

Meeting Chair: Austin Harney, LESE Race Relations Committee 

Guest Speakers: to be confirmed 

Geoff Bell, historian – The British Left and The Treaty

Conor Kostick, historian – The Irish Civil War and the annihilation of the 100 Soviets

Anne Rossiter – The discrimination of Irish Women since The Treaty

Speaker from the Jim Larkin Society in Liverpool – Jim Larkin who called for a General Strike against The Treaty.

The LESE Race Relations Committee commemorate the Centenary of the signing of “The Treaty” which partitioned Ireland, and many ordinary Irish Workers of all religious and political backgrounds, lost their lives in the last hundred years. 

The Treaty plunged both parts of Ireland into bloodshed, resulting in pogroms in the North (many Catholic workers and Left Wing Protestant workers were killed) and a Civil War in the South which smashed the 100 Soviets as well as break many Trade Union Strikes. James Larkin, the great Trade Unionist who led the Belfast Lockout of 1907 (Combined Catholic and Protestant Workers’ Strike), and the Dublin Lockout of 1913, called for a General Strike throughout both parts of Ireland against the Treaty.