In the Unite EC elections – vote for United Left candidates

Vote United Left candidates in UniIe EC Election
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We need a left Executive Council now more than ever!

The voting period for the Unite Executive Council elections starts on Monday 18 May and ends on 18 June.

If we are to defeat this vindictive, cruel and anti-working class government, we must elect a left EC for our union. 

Johnson’s decision to junk the warnings of the scientists about a second wave of COVID-19 infections is led by fears about the tanking economy.

His government has decided that it is completely acceptable for the likes of BAEM workers and communities, the low paid, communities living in poverty, NHS workers, carers, bus drivers, retail workers, and pensioners to risk death – so they can “get the economy working again”.

At the same time a world-wide economic slump – well on its way to us before the coronavirus crisis – will bump catastrophically lower and last that much longer with the hard Brexit Johnson is rushing to complete.

We can shortly expect a ferocious onslaught from this government, which is determined that working people and not their class will pay for this upcoming recession – forecast to be deeper and longer than the Great Depression of the 1930s. They will impose far worse austerity measures, mass redundancies, cuts in benefits and pensions, and will dismantle the welfare state.

The Labour party’s Corbyn project was largely the programme of the progressive trade unions, and it has suffered a set-back.

In such a period we must strengthen, organise, and be able to mobilise the full forces of our union to advance the cause of working people.

We must have an Executive Committee of socialists, ready to fight with ferocity on the industrial and political fronts.

Please use the publicity resources on this page to campaign for United Left candidates.