Gerard Coyne loses Certification Officer appeal on all counts

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Friday 5th October 2018

United Left welcomes the news, released today Friday 5th October 2018, that Gerard Coyne, right wing contender in last year’s UNITE General Secretary election, has lost his appeal to the Certification Officer on all counts. The decision is only as we expected but it is a welcome relief to finally hear the official pronouncement. UNITE was always quietly confident that Gerard Coyne’s case was full of holes and false accusations, but his relentless pursuit of legal action against UNITE has caused disquiet and consternation throughout the Union. This is at least now at an end.

United Left has been highly critical, with justification, of Gerard Coyne’s negative campaigning style. This includes his shocking personal attacks on General Secretary Len McCluskey; his denigration of UNITE and its achievements; his cosy alliance with Rupert Murdoch’s Sun and senior right wing figures in the Labour Party; and his attempt to seek revenge on UNITE after losing the election by dragging our Union through the courts, costing us valuable time and money which could have been put to much better use for our members.

On a positive note, it might have opened some members’ eyes to what damage right wingers can cause to our union if allowed to gain ground. United Left remains convinced that only through a left progressive agenda can we create a democratic, lay member-led, fighting back union that stands up for its members.
We now look forward to putting this damaging episode behind us and uniting behind our democratically-elected General Secretary and our left-led UNITE Executive Council – standing up to bad bosses; fighting for better pay and conditions; bringing union organisation to the unorganised; fighting racism and inequality wherever we find it; and working hard to get this despicable Tory Government out of office and fighting to win a Labour victory under Jeremy Corbyn. Bring it on!

Martin Mayer
United Left