Bangladeshi garment workers remember deaths at Rana Plaza and Tazreen

Tazreen fire commemoration
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The National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF)  organized “Rana Plaza-Tazreen, Never Again” rally on 24 November.

The tragic but avoidable events at Rana Plaza, with over a thousand workers deaths, and Tazreen, with nearly 120 deaths, are  a shocking reminder of the impact of globalisation on workers, especially in the clothing and textile industries.

Unite London & Eastern region has supported the NGWF since sending a delegation to meet our sisters and brothers in Bangladesh in 2014, a year after the tragic loss of life at Rana Plaza, a factory complex producing clothes for multinational clothing companies, supplying many well known high street names in the UK.

Earlier this year LE Unite gave  a donation to the union to support their fighting fund to feed clothing workers left unemployed and destitute at the start of the Covid pandemic.

Contact details for the BGWF are below. Unite UL sends its solidarity greetings to our sisters and brothers fighting for workers rights in the Bangladesh garment industry.

Press statement from the National Garment Workers Federation

The NGWF organised a rally to demand justice over the deaths of hundreds of garment workers killed in the collapse of the Rana Plaza building, and in the fire at Tazreen Fashion. The union demands the setting of a national standard for compensation for death in the workplace on the 8th anniversary of the Tazreen fire incident.

Hundreds of garment workers participated in the rally.

Everyone is aware that 113 workers were killed and more than 150 were injured in the fire incident at Tazreen Fashion on November 24, 2012.

Amirul Haque Amin, President of National Garment Workers Federation addressed the program under the presidency of: Mrs. Arifa Akhter, Md. Faruk Khan, Md. Rafiqul Khan, Mrs. Nasima Akhter, Md. Faridul Islam, Miss Esrat Jahan Ela, Md. Kabir Hossain, Aleya Begum, Rabiul Chowdhury and others.

Solidarity was expressed by: Mr. Kamrul Hasan, General Secretary of IBC.

The worker leaders paid deep tribute to the memory of the workers died in the fire incident in Tazreen fashion and extended their condolences to the injured workers.

The speakers complained that even though 8 years have passed since Tazreen’s murder, the punishment of the owner has not been confirmed yet.

The Tazreen fire incident was not a mere accident, rather it was tantamount to killing workers due to negligence. Thousands of garment workers have been killed and more have been injured in hundreds of factory-fire incidents in Bangladesh so far.

Although some compensation has been paid to the families of the killed and injured workers of Tazreen, a large number of workers have not yet received compensation in accordance with ILO conventions and international standards. Hundreds of workers have been paralyzed. However, not a single owner has been trialed for killing workers.

This is why such crimes and irresponsibility are increasing day by day, the workers are becoming more and more neglected and deprived.

The speakers also called upon all including employers, government, labour organizations are urged to work together so that the garment workers of Bangladesh do not have to give up their lives and become crippled due to the negligence of the factory owners like Tazreen.

At the end of the rally, the leaders strongly demanded to set a national standard for compensation for death in the workplace. The demonstrators marched with banners with various demands, from the press club through the High Court, Topkhana Road, Paltan turn and ended at the central office of the federation.

Amirul Haque Amin
President of National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF)

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