A message from London bus drivers

London bus during coronavirus crisis
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As bus drivers we cannot work from home. We ask that those that can work from home do so.

We want to do all we can to ensure key and essential workers get to their place of work. We will do everything we can to help London fight and beat this pandemic. But to do this we need your help, crowded buses are a danger, not just to you but to others that have to use them. We must do everything we can to protect these key workers so that they, in turn, can look after us. We therefore ask that before you go off to board that bus you ask yourself, do I really have to make this journey? 

We are also aware that many people who are not traditionally employed, e.g., self-employed, on zero-hour contracts or are gig economy workers will feel the need to get to work because finances are tight. We call on the government to do far more to help these workers as no one should be putting themselves or others in danger because of the financial risks of not taking journeys.

Working together we will beat Coronavirus and as bus drivers we ask the public and the government to help us help you.

Please only travel if you absolutely have to. Let’s get through this together!