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Vote United Left candidates for Unite EC 2020!

The paused EC elections process has now restarted.

Download the revised timetable and eligibility criteria to vote.

Ballot Enquiry Service 

Unite members who have not received a ballot paper by Monday 8th June 2020 should contact the ballot enquiry service on 0800 783 3856 (0818 333 155 from the Republic of Ireland or Gibraltar).

We have entered uncharted waters with the coronavirus pandemic which will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the economy. Add to this an accelerating climate emergency, an anti-working class government seizing every opportunity to make workers’ pay for a decaying system, the situation in the Labour party, and the need for a majority of socialist-minded leaders on Unite’s Executive Committee could not be more clear.


Publicity material for United Left candidates in contested seats

Vote United Left candidates in the EC elections


Aerospace & Shipbuilding – 2 seats
Michael Darlington Branch NW/64 Membership # 31416133

EMS – 2 seats
Mick Joyce Branch NE/208/1 Membership # 30970138
Antony Pearson Branch NE/205/2 Membership # 32170741

Finance & Legal – 2 seats (of which 1 woman)
Jacob Goddard Branch NE/401/15 Membership # 20443172
Dawn Jackson Branch NE/401/6 Membership # 30716404

Food Drink & Agriculture – 2 seats (of which 1 woman)
Debi Bell Branch EM/NG69 Membership # 14376952
Matt Gould Branch NW/119 Membership # 32114548

Health – 3 seats (of which 1 woman + 1 BAEM)
Lesley Mansell Branch SW/0001408 Membership # 30052815 More information about Lesley Mansell.
Steve Thompson Branch WM/6806 Membership # 14442541

Local Authorities – 2 seats (of which 1 woman)
Jimmy Mann Branch SC/115/9 Membership # 13431649
Kathleen Smith Branch LE/531 Membership # 20027790

Return Your Ballot Vote Jimmy MannFor Local Authorities

Posted by Edward Cassidy on Monday, 18 May 2020

Passenger Transport – 3 seats (of which 1 woman + 1 BAEM)
Patricia Davis Branch LE/480 Membership # 14268646
James Mitchell Branch LE/1254 Membership # 14176443
Tony Pearson Branch SC/21 Membership # 15200928

RTC, Logistics & Retail Distribution – 2 seats
Mick Casey Branch WM/7680 Membership # 15069004
Dave Williams Branch NW/541 Membership # 13875195

Unite Construction, Allied Trades & Technicians – 2 seats
Jamie Bramwell Branch NW/UD285 Membership # 53007590
Stuart Grice Branch EM/UE100 Membership # 52550786

Watch Stuart and Jamie’s campaign video


Ireland – 2 seats (of which 1 woman)
Therese Moloney Branch RI/0308M Membership # 30066458

Why I'm running for Unite's Executive Council

Unites Executive Council election is back on and ballot papers will start landing on members’ doormats from tomorrow (18 May).In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that you use your vote to ensure your voice is heard in our union’s highest lay governing body.Please take the time to watch and share this short video, and vote for me to represent your Ireland Region at the EC.

Posted by Therese Moloney 2020 on Sunday, 17 May 2020
Therese Moloney asks for your vote in the EC Elections.

North East Y & H – 2 seats (of which 1 woman)
Mark Pratt Branch NE/407/3 Membership # 30858860

Scotland – 2 seats ( of which 1 woman)
Eddie Casssidy Branch SC/600/1 Membership # 14735655
Katrina Currie Branch SC/161/115/4 Membership # 32647494

South East –2 seats (of which 1 woman)
John Melrose Branch SE/6206 Membership # 15094733

Wales –2 seats (of which 1 woman)
Phil Jones Branch WA/B2101 Membership # 32886700

West Midlands – 3 seats (of which 1 woman + 1 BAEM)
Nick Wareing Branch WM/6825 Membership # 32720018

Watch Nick Wareing’s campaign video


BAEM – 1 seat
Susan Matthews Branch LE/163 Membership #15107714

Retired – 1 seat
Phil Wiseman Branch NW/0538 Membership # 31996405