Trade Union Solidarity with Palestinian Workers 

Trade Union solidarity with Palestinian workers
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Saturday 12 November 2022 in Central London

The collective rights of the Palestinian people are under unprecedented assault, and they need our support now more than ever. The trade union movement is a crucial part of building meaningful and lasting solidarity with the Palestinian people, including BDS campaigns to end UK institutional and corporate complicity with Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.This important conference will feature specialist speakers from Palestine, Israel and the UK, including trade union activists, who will present on the situation of Palestinian workers under occupation, the role for trade unions in building support for Palestinian freedom and self-determination, and concrete campaigns for trade unionists in solidarity with the Palestinian anti-apartheid movement.

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A series of seminars will be offering detailed sessions on key topics, including on how to organise for Palestinian rights in your union, an in-depth discussion of Israel’s apartheid system, and what are the next Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaigns.

Book today, and make sure to share the event with your colleagues and networks, to join us for the Trade Union Solidarity with Palestinian Workers conference on Saturday 12 November in London.
 In solidarity,

Martial Kurtz
National Organiser
Palestine Solidarity Campaign