Take solidarity action to support #JusticeDay for cleaners and security workers 15 June

Justice for cleaners, security workers
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Monday 15 June marks 30 years of international #JusticeDay for cleaners and security workers.

Cleaners and security workers have been on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis. 

Risking their lives and the lives of their families too to keep our hospitals, shops and workplaces cleaned, disinfected, safe and secure. The statistics have been staggering, with male security guards suffering the highest rate of deaths from Covid-19. 

Now more than ever these essential workers need our support.


Please show solidarity with cleaners and security workers on Monday 15 June in the following ways: 

#Solidarity on social media 

  1. Support the day on your social media channels using #JusticeDay #ProtectAllWorkers :
  2. Record a short solidarity video message. 
  3. Take a selfie – put on a yellow rubber glove and raise a clenched fist. Share your solidarity message.
  4. Share the graphics.

Suggested social messages:

I stand in solidarity with cleaners and security workers on global #JusticeDay. #ProtectAllWorkers. Support their demands:

  • PPE
  • Covid19 testing
  • Decent Pay 
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Union Rights

#Solidarity in the workplace

But solidarity needs to extend beyond social media and into the workplace too. 

If the cleaners and security staff at your workplace are not organised, then Monday 15 June is the perfect day to talk to them about the union. Encourage them to join Unite and start organising for a fair deal.