Policy Conferences


UNITE is wary of supporting fragmentation of nation states by nationalist independent movements except as a last resort. In the case of Catalonia, UNITE will: • condemn the repressive actions taken by the Spanish government […]

Model Resolutions International


Conference reconfirms its support for the Cuban revolution and the socialist vision which the people of Cuba have every right to fight for. UNITE therefore resolves to continue to • Build support for Cuba through […]

Model Resolutions International


• Conference calls for peace and oppose imperialist US and UK military efforts, acting in the interests of the oil and armaments industries in particular. • Conference is wary of call for Kurdistan for all […]

Model Resolutions International


• Conference recalls that external military intervention in Syria and the arming of jihadi organisations played a major role in creating the circumstances that allowed the development of an ISIS power base in Syria • […]

Model Resolutions International


• Conference is gravely concerned at the threat to world peace posed by the nuclear stand-off between the US and North Korea, US policies for the re-militarisation of the region and President Trump’s inflammatory language […]