Our NHS is facing a huge new threat

Our NHS is facing a huge new threat. The governments eyeing up new trade deals with countries like America – and Theresa May is refusing to rule out putting the NHS on the negotiating table. […]

Policy Conferences

BREXIT negotiations

UNITE has recognised the narrow UK Referendum 2016 result in favour of BREXT (51.9% for 48.1% against). Although UNITE campaigned for a REMAIN vote, it recognises that many UNITE members voted for BREXIT UNITE is […]

Policy Conferences


UNITE is wary of supporting fragmentation of nation states by nationalist independent movements except as a last resort. In the case of Catalonia, UNITE will: • condemn the repressive actions taken by the Spanish government […]

Model Resolutions International


Conference reconfirms its support for the Cuban revolution and the socialist vision which the people of Cuba have every right to fight for. UNITE therefore resolves to continue to • Build support for Cuba through […]