Labour Party NEC Constituency Section Election 2018

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United Left supports the centre- left alliance slate for Labour’s National Executive Committee (CLP section). If you are a Labour Party member we urge you to use your votes in support of these candidates.

Ballot papers for this election will start being sent to party members tomorrow (26 July). The ballot papers will be sent by email and by post (to all members who have not opted for just email ballots).

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) is supporting candidates who will work to secure the election of a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government, the progressive policies Labour needs to win and will stand up for the rights of members.

The candidates are: Yasmine Dar, Huda Elmi, Rachel Garnham, Ann Henderson, Jon Lansman, Nav Mishra, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams and Peter Willsman.

They are also supported by: Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), Labour Assembly Against Austerity (LAAA), Labour Briefing Co-op, Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (LCND) and Momentum.

Attached here is a leaflet about the centre-left candidates. Feel free to circulate it as appropriate.

The ballot closes at noon on Thursday 30 August.

Thank you for your consideration.


Peter Willsman
Secretary, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy