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If you like UNITED LEFT why not join us?

UNITED LEFT is a network of left-thinking activists and shop stewards from every sector and every region of UNITE.
  • We encourage free debate and discussion on politics, industrial issues, organising, equalities, internationalism, peace and many other issues.
  • We offer solidarity to our members in dispute and believe in strong and effective trade unions with the right to strike at the heart of our basic freedoms and rights.
  • We work together on a basis of consensus to build a strong and effective UNITE The Union that can stand up for working people and support its members to win in the workplace – come what may!
  • We passionately believe in lay member democracy so that the union is run in the best interests of us the membership. But we respect and support our Officers too – indeed many are also members of United Left themselves.
We campaigned amongst our membership for support for Len McCluskey as our General Secretary using our extensive network of shop stewards and activists in workplaces around the country – and to elect United Left candidates onto our Executive Council.