Endorsements for Steve Turner’s candidacy for Unite General Secretary

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All the information you need to GET INVOLVED in Steve’s campaign is here www.steveturner4gs.org

If you need any help in nominating Steve – please contact Team Steve.

So many endorsements have come in for Steve’s candidacy that we are having to put them out in stages. Here are the first two.

If you would like to create your own endorsement for Steve, just do a video on your phone or lap-top, say who you are, any union positions you hold, and where you work, and then say why you think Steve should be our next General Secretary. Email the video to United Left nationalunitedleft@gmail.com

See here all the information you need to support Steve’s campaign www.steveturner4gs.org/support-steve

Kamaljeet Jandu, Fords worker, on Steve’s long-standing battle against racism

Monica Sorice, Unite Executive Member for London and Eastern region, on Steve’s battle for a new green economy