Collective Bargaining fightback to beat the wages freeze

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Government austerity policies have held public sector wages down below RPI almost every year since 2010, reducing real take home pay by up to 20% for some public sector workers. Similarly the squeeze has hit workers in the private sector too with may not seeing an above inflation pay rise for years.

Conference believes it is the duty of UNITE to give a lead not only to tens of thousands of UNITE members who are struggling to make ends meet, but to members of other unions and workers who are not in a union. We welcome TUC Congress 2017 Composite to mobilise public sector unions against the public sector pay freeze, but unions like UNITE must take the lead and take this fight into the private sector too.

Conference calls on UNITE’s Executive Council to develop a strategy to put the “fightback” into our fighting back union. This strategy to include the following:

• A clear message to all workers that UNITE will back industrial action to beat the wages freeze
• Publicity materials calling on workers to fightback, explaining that higher wages are justified and are possible to achieve
• Training programmes for UNITE Full Time Officers and lay negotiators on building confidence amongst the members and winning their support for strike action