Hackney council workers' rally
Industrial Disputes

Rally for Hackney council workers’ strike

Some 150 council workers and supporters rallied on the steps of Hackney Town Hall today, in advance of a strike of more than 200 workers which will take place between April 25-27 and May 3-5.  […]

Barts SERCO strikers
Industrial Disputes

Day 10 of Barts SERCO strike

Low paid outsourced workers continue their battle for equal pay with directly employed NHS workers and for their services to be taken back in house. Cleaners, porters, security guards, receptionists and catering staff from St […]

First Manchester bus drivers Strike
Industrial Disputes

Manchester bus drivers ramp up pay strike

The drivers, members of Unite, will no longer accept low rates of pay for the highly skilled, demanding and responsible role they undertake. Their basic wage is £12.40 an hour. A major sticking point in […]