BA Support Junior Doctors – on strike for the NHS Tuesday 12 January

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There will be picket lines at hospitals all over the country – do your best to get there! Take Unite banners and flags.

See article by Clare Gerada about conditions for Junior Doctors. She is a former chair of Royal College of General Practitioners.

She says: “Our junior doctors are striking for more than pay and conditions – important though these are. Their planned strike is consciously or unconsciously action to shine a light on what is going on within the NHS – to shine a light on the conflict between idealism and industrialization.

“Increasing privatisation has changed the relationship doctors have with their patients. Constant reorganisation has fragmented services, and shattered long-standing teams. At a series of NHS listening events I held in 2014, the overwhelming term used by all NHS staff to describe their working environment was ‘Fear’.”

See full article here.