No support for right-wing plotters in the Parliamentary Labour Party!

A packed meeting of supporters of UNITED LEFT, the network of left shop stewards and activists in UNITE The Union, called for the right wing plotters in the PLP to stop destroying our Labour Party and respect Jeremy Corbyn's overwhelming 59.5% mandate to lead the Party.

"Before we even knew of Hilary Benn's treacherous call on Labour Shadow Ministers to resign, United Left supporters meeting in London pledged unanimously to support Jeremy Corbyn and do everything we can to prevent any post-EU Referendum coup plot from succeeding" said Martin Mayer United Left Chair.

"These right wing coup-plotters in the PLP have no support among the almost 400-000-strong Labour Party membership. A divisive new leadership contest would risk bringing civil war into our Party at a time when we need to unite and fight the Tories and engage with our working class communities ravaged by austerity spending cuts on housing, welfare and jobs," said Martin Mayer.

"We totally reject the charge that Jeremy Corbyn lost the EU Referendum. He fought a tireless and honest campaign that was greeted with near silence by our right-wing and mostly pro-BREXIT media. Instead working class voters were fed a toxic diet of lies, misinformation and a dangerous "blame EU migrants for all our woes" message. The disgraceful racist messaging was epitomised by Farage's UKIP "Breaking Point" poster - akin to Nazi-style propaganda - that was unveiled just hours before the truly shocking political assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox by a lone fascist gunman for her pro-immigration views." added Martin Mayer. "In spite of this over 65% of Labour voters voted to REMAIN".

Note for editors:

A number Right-wing Labour MPs have never respected Jeremy Corbyn's overwhelming mandate to lead the Labour Party, which followed the biggest ever leadership election in British political history less than a year ago when over half a million members and registered supporters took part. Jeremy Corbyn won outright in the first round with 59.5% of the vote. Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper got less than 20% each and Liz Kendall, the Blair-ite candidate, got a mere 4.5%.

Suggestions of plots are nothing new. Rumours of a leadership coup were circulating before the Oldham by-election but collapsed when Labour increased its proportion of the vote, the first real "test" of Jeremy's leadership. Rumours of a coup built up again before the May Local Government elections on the prediction that Labour would lose hundreds of seats (the last time all-out Local Government elections were held was in 2012 when Labour had a 38% to 31% lead in the polls over the Tories) In the event we had a net loss of 18 council seats and retained control in all but one council.

According to the BBC on that record Labour would have won a general election against the Tories. Coup plotters appeared actually disappointed by Sadiq Khan's massive majority win in the London Mayor contest as it again further put off the opportunity for them to challenge Corbyn. Only a few weeks ago, Labour won the Tooting by-election (the vacancy left by Sadiq Khan's election) whilst doubling Labour's majority!

Jeremy Corbyn has reacted to this with incredible calm and patience and by offering the olive branch to his detractors and appealing to them to work with him to build Labour's fight back against the Tories. They have turned him down at every turn. Labour Party members are finally losing patience with this supreme disloyalty which is so damaging the Labour Party. Now that a long-expected coup plot is actually taking place, there will be a massive mobilisation of grass-roots support to defend Jeremy Corbyn and his democratic mandate.

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