London Bus Workers Olympic £500 dispute

UNITED LEFT sends it full support to our 23,000 UNITE members on London’s Buses who have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action for a modest £500 Olympic Bonus – modest that is in comparison to additional payments offered to all the other London transport workers.

UNITED LEFT recognises that our UNITE members will have a hugely increased workload keeping London moving during the Olympics – and they definitely deserve a fair share of the massive additional revenues expected.

The first day of action has now been scheduled for on Friday 22 June. We urge Transport for London and the private bus operators to concede the demand in full – and we congratulate our London bus workers for staging a full London-wide bus stoppage on Friday 22 June. This will be the first time for many decades that London’s Bus Workers have staged a capital-wide strike – and demonstrate their potential to reverse years of attacks on their terms and conditions. We wish you well!!

Coryton Oil Refinery dispute, Essex

UNITED LEFT gives it full support to our 850 UNITE members at Coryton Oil Refinery battling to keep their jobs as private sector owner goes into liquidation. This facility is an essential part of our energy infrastructure yet the nonsense of the free market dictates disaster for our members and the local community.

Thurrock Council said the site’s closure could deprive the local economy of almost 1000 jobs in total amounting to a loss £30M in wages, £26M in contractor costs, £40M spent on chemicals and utilities, £6M in locally sourced materials and £5M in business rates.

The ConDem Government’s decision to abandon this strategic issue to the chaos of the market is nothing worse than an abdication of responsibility. If Coryton closes the site will be used as conduit for the import of refined fuels from abroad – yet another example of how our national energy security is threatened by international capital’s greed for extra profit.

UNITED LEFT gives you full support for whatever action you decide to take to defend Coryton and your livelihoods.

Ford Pensions Dispute

UNITED LEFT salutes our UNITE members at Ford Dagenham , Essex and Ford Bridgend, Wales who took strike action on Monday 18 June in defence of their occupational pension scheme.

Multinational companies like Ford are taking advantage of the economic crisis to great more hardship for their employees by attacking pensions – and making massive cost savings for their shareholders.

Thanks to our UNITE fighting back culture, our members in Ford have had the backing and support to take on Fords to defend their hard-won pension rights – including demanding keeping this scheme open to new starters.

Our Ford UNITE members know that if new starters are denied entry into the scheme, then future funding difficulties can only intensify for all the existing scheme members. This is yet another example of UNITE members in the private and public sectors fighting back to keep their pension and UNITED LEFT offers its full support in your struggle.

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