United Left offer its full support to trade union members from the public sector unions on strike today Thursday 10th May. We congratulate our UNITE Health workers who will be joining PCS, UCU and other public sector union members taking action today. Your fight is an important one, not just to protest against this unfair and unjustified attack on your pensions, but also to highlight this ConDem Government’s assault on our public services and the people who work in them.

The Trade Union Movement can never accept that workers like you should be made to pay for a crisis not of your making. Austerity cannot and will not work in solving the public sector deficit. Instead we need to recover the missing tax billions evaded and avoided by big business and wealthy individuals, and use the public sector as the motor for economic recovery by investing in council houses, infrastructure projects and the creation of green jobs in renewable energy, insulation and public transport. We join you in your fight to protect your pensions today and your jobs and conditions tomorrow.

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