United Left

Many congratulations to our two United Left candidates elected to the Executive Committee

Well done to our two United Left candidates, Suzanne Muna and Jasmin Suraya, who have been elected unopposed to the Executive Committee.

Suzanne takes up London & Eastern region's vacant territorial seat, and Jasmin Suraya is elected to represent the Health sector.

Giant housing association - Family Mosaic - to evict Its staff

Recent Unite housing workers strike at One Housing

Unite today protested that giant housing association Family Mosaic is holding the threat of homelessness over the heads of its own staff who work as support tenants and reside in Family Mosaic accommodation.

As part of its response to cuts in funding from Hackney Council the association has told staff they may lose their homes by April.

Unite Regional Officer Adam Lambert said:

“We have real fears that the actions of Family Mosaic could make people homeless. We have been seeking assurances for our members and have thus far been disappointed that the employer has not felt able to give staff clarity and security. We would have hoped that Family Mosaic would take more care to examine alternatives before booting people out of their homes in the current economic climate.”


Open letter to Socialist Party supporters in Unite


This Coalition government has been responsible for attacks on our class that go far beyond anything Thatcher would have dreamed of. Their austerity policies have been targeted on the poor and vulnerable in our society. They have lined the pockets of their Hedge Fund backers and speculators in the City with billions of public money. They have been responsible for attacks on the organised labour movement and have been open in their support for even more draconian legislation if re-elected. New proposed laws which would make effective trade union action virtually illegal-The Tories are not campaigning in this election as the Hug- A-Hoodie, party that can be trusted with the NHS, they are back as The Nasty Party fighting on a class war programme.


Reply from Socialist Party to Open Letter from leading Unite lay members

Socialist Party members in Unite have received an open letter from leading members of Unite who are in United Left (UL), in which Socialist Party members are also organised.

In the run-up to the General Election, the letter is appealing to socialists not to stand widely in the election but “to do all we can to elect a Labour Government”. In reality, this is an appeal to support a government that would be, at best, austerity-lite and a continuation of the crisis that faces working-class people. This prospect has led to a fracturing of politics.