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Welcome Home to the Miami 5 at last!









The three remaining members of the Miami 5 released from US gaol today - and fly home to Cuba!

United Left today celebrates the release of the three remaining members of the so-called "Miami 5" from US jail - and joins with the Cuban people in welcoming them home at last! We share in the joy of the wives and families who are being reunited with their free men in Havana tonight. We also celebrate the release of US citizen Alan Gross and his return to his wife and family tonight, as part of the agreed prisoner exchange.

United Left very much welcomes President Obama's statement tonight opening talks towards normalising US relations with Cuba. Of crucial importance will be the prospect of ending the USA's pernicious economic blockade of Cuba, which has done so much damage to Cuba's progress and prosperity.


Vote for FRANK MORRIS for Construction Building and Allied Workers rep on UNITE Executive Council

Following the resignation of long-serving UL exec member John Sheridan, there is a vacancy on the Executive Council for the Construction, Building and Allied Workers national industrial sector.

Frank Morris has been chosen by UNITED LEFT and the sector's own vibrant Rank and File as their candidate.

Frank was sacked when he was our only UNITE Shop Steward on London's massive CrossRail project as the employers tried to make this a union-free zone. Thanks to a massive UNITE leverage campaign the construction bosses backed down and Frank was reinstated. For the first time union access to all sites was won too.

Frank knows about union victimisation. Frank knows about organising in a hostile anti-union atmosphere. Frank knows about Rank and File organisation and action. Frank knows about the power of UNITE's leverage strategy.

If your branch or workplace has members of this sector then please ensure you vote for Frank Morris.

London construction Branch LE/0555 Membership no 31019430 Employer Bam Frank on Crossrail

Download and distribute this leaflet to campaign for a vote for Frank.

Vote for ROSS QUINN for GEMS rep on UNITE Executive Council

There is a UNITE Executive Council by-election for the General Engineering and Manufacturing Services Industrial Sector (GEMS).

This sector is entitled to three seats.

A recent restructure of the Sector saw the private services membership (cleaners, janitors, care workers etc) transferring to a new Private Services industrial sector. Brenda Pleasants GEMS United Left Executive Council member has transferred across to the new Private Services sector as this is her industry.

This leaves a vacancy for an Executive Council seat representing the restructured GEMs sector. It is important we retain this seat for the United Left.

If your branch or workplace has members in the restructured GEMS sector, please ensure they vote for ROSS QUINN

Branch NW/9515 Membership no 31033593 Employer IQA

Download Ross's election address here.